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What a strange world we live in now !  Yes even the universe reflects us as passing through a period of “Sorrow” as we line up with that fixed Star “Markab” which means just that.

Neptune retrograde 2021 begins on June 25 at 23° Pisces and ends on December 2nd  2021 at 20° Pisces.  Neptune retrograde is generally associated with stripping away the illusions, dreams, and false realities that have clouded our vision!  Oh boy, not a truer word has been written!

Neptune retrograde 2021 helps this process by increasing your intuitive and psychic abilities. It also brings the potential  also to  creates a vulnerability to negative energy, disappointment, and secret enemies. Transiting Neptune retrograde can internalize your fears and anxieties by stripping away the illusions, dreams, and false realities that have clouded your vision.

The destruction of your fantasy world will show those harsh realities you sought to avoid at some stage in the past. Maybe you have kidded yourself about true love, your financial situation, or your career prospects. The further from the truth you have travelled, or the more extreme your methods of escape, the bigger the shock. The truth of your reality is often quite painful, as is often the case when addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, or porn has been your escape. It does not have to take an intervention or withdrawal to recognize your self-deception either. This realization has always been there in your higher self, or ‘pineal gland’ as represented by Neptune.

Neptune retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual self-development. Yes this is the best time to pray to God to fix the Virus problem and discover the truth about the whole rotten saga of a experimental Vaccine that promted fear and opened the door to dictatorial governmental controls!

However, I expect now that Saturn  and Pluto also both retrograde now will see  huge misuse of power  and would play bigger roles in these stories. That is the reason why some Government bodies are using the Virus as a cloak for their use of power plays and control.

You may need an Astrology timing chart done if you feel like you need to know that you are not going bonkers and there is a purpose for you.

The "Finger of God" writes to us all in August!

Hello website readers...the stars for August may see a pivot point in a huge awakening of who and what is behind this awful plague of Covid19! The New moon of the 8th August in mid Leo sign which is the second decant of that sign and related to Sagittarius the next fire sign  with its Jupiter backing truth and revelation world wide!

The truth please, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! So I have forwarded here a wonderful article of inspirational hope which should lift your spirit!

Dear Freedom Fighters,

 I am writing this real quick from my phone, to encourage all of you that so many beautiful things are happening worldwide.

 How I wish that I was able to show it all with splendid videos and illustrated emails, but that is not possible right now. Hence, this simple text message.

 Remember that I told you about the in depth report I released in the Netherlands, to expose how the government and royal family are deeply involved in the worst evil in the world: satanic abuse and murder of children.

 This dossier went viral and is causing a stir now. All of a sudden some local newspapers are writing about it, bringing this evil under the attention of the Dutch people. The minister of justice always refused to investigate this (because he’s involved in it, of course). But now he was forced to at least say publicly he will start an investigation. All that is theatre of course, but... there is a big stir in the Netherlands!

 From a leading medical expert I heard that they will now organize a round table with several lawyers, doctors and professionals to discuss how they can expose this evil to the whole nation.

 This is significant because from an underground cybersecurity expert (= hacker) - who knows a LOT about the criminal operations in the world - I heard that many of the criminal lines in the world, lead to The Netherlands. It is a true hub for some fo the world’s greatest satanic operations.

That God is using my report to now shake this nations, is encouraging, to say the least. And that is only the first effect of my report, that I know of. My experience is that whenever I release something powerful, the real effect is always unimaginably greater than I can ever see.

 For some this may sound as not much, but I know the main thing is to awaken the people, and ignite a fire. Once the spark hits dry wood, it will start burning and that’s what is happening.


 Due to the false covid pandemic thousands of intelligent people with influence, like medical experts, scientists and lawyers, are waking up to the insane wickedness of their governments. These well educated, smart people are not planning to sit around doing nothing.  For example: Andreas Kalcker is an internationally recognized scientist who developed a 100% effective cure for covid. He is working with 4,000 medical doctors and lawyers worldwide. And he is connected to the military of several nations. He told me that they are preparing tribunals and executions of all who are complicit in this worldwide crime.

One scientist is gathering thousands of doctors and lawyers, and is involved with military who want to defend their nation against the New World Order. That’s just one example!

 The World Doctors Alliance is doing the same thing! They are connecting hundreds of thousands of health workers as well, worldwide. All to oppose the NWO.

One of the world’s greatest lawyers, Doctor Reiner Fuellmich, is also gathering a large group of scientists, medical doctors and lawyers to sue governments and the World Health Organization, because of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

 Amazing...This has never happened before in the history of humanity, that such large numbers of highly educated people are seeing the reality of the world they live in.

 They are waking up and taking action, which is very promising. The fire that has been lit, will set more and more people on fire.

 The very fact that in the Netherlands some local newspapers are writing about satanic abuse by governments, shows something interesting: the cabal may own all the major news outlets, but they can impossibly own all the thousands of smaller publications. Once the news starts getting out there, and journalists pick it up, something amazing can happen.  May countless of smaller journalists worldwide wake up!

I also heard from a young boy in Belgium - the heart of the European Union (which is at the heart of the New World Order) - that he has distributed NINE THOUSAND flyers of StopWorldControl.com So what happened?

The Belgian NATIONAL NEWS talked about it, warning the people. That only creates more attention for it, of course.

In the Netherlands people also created HUGE banners of our website, which they hang on bridges of highways! Amazing...All these are just signs that people are waking up and taking action to wake even more people up.

 The report about the election fraud in the Netherlands also caused a big stir, because suddenly there are sounds all over the place that new elections are needed. Who knows what else will move...

 Another great news from this nation is that more and more military police are coming forward with heart breaking stories. They are mentally traumatized from being forced to beat up innocent citizens. The stories they are sharing, are causing massive awakening yet again.

During recent mass protests in the Netherlands, hundreds of police and military veterans posted themselves in between the police and the protesters. They formed a live wall of protection, making it impossible for the MP to attack the protesters. Yet again an enormous sign for the people to see there is something significant going on.

 An Investigation Committee has received over fifty testimonies from police officers, who anonymously share their story of how they refuse to further serve the corruption of their government.

 That is incredible! And more and more of them are coming forward. This is causing an awakening among LAW ENFORCEMENT!

 A worldwide organization called POLICE FOR FREEDOM is spreading in nations around the world. Now hundreds of police officers in several nations are PROTESTING THEMSELVES on the streets.

Isn’t that absolutely awesome?


Today I also heard a great encouragement and confirmation from two well known patriots in the USA, Dave Hayes and the X22 Report that exactly confirmed what I felt in my own heart: Biden is only allowed to play fake President so the people would wake up more. Sometimes you need to SHOW the people, because telling them is not enough.

 That is happening now: in order to further shake the people awake, they HAVE to go through the darkness. Nothing else works.

That is also true for the vaccines. Telling the masses how bad vaccines are, doesn’t work. They have to see their beloved ones die, and be crippled for life, before they wake up. Sad but true. For decades there has been an awakening going on concerning vaccines. Millions know how bad they are, but... billions still have no clue.

I believe the current mass vaccination will result in vaccines becoming banned altogether, in the end. Millions of healthcare workers are waking up worldwide to the horror of the vaccines. Without the pandemic they would stay asleep forever.

 In Argentina a brave reporter Veronica Ressia declared openly on national TV that the pandemic is planned and is a crime. She is supported by the Argentina Doctors for Truth (translate that to Spanish, and google them). Imagine the impact of that!

 When I looked her up, I found several South American social media accounts with large followings who are revealing truth as well. This reminded me how the awakening is worldwide! Italy, Germany, Africa, South America, Asia...

 Guys, we are witnessing the greatest positive movement of humanity in all of history. Are you aware of that?

It may look small to you, but every new day starts out as a bleak streak of light at a distant horizon. However ... once the sun starts rising, there’s no stopping it! The day will break forth.

I am working on a video that will show you how 28 nations in the world are joining together against the New World Order. Hopefully I can soon finish this very encouraging video. Another great news is that Mike Lindell announced an even more powerful exposure of the USA election fraud. He is determined to expose it to the whole world, and there’s no stopping him!

 Mike also announced his new FREE SPEECH platform called FRANKSPEECH.com It will be like YouTube and Twitter in one. Sounds great!

Guys, the truth is marching on and every attempt to silence it, only makes it go louder and wider. When Twitter removed millions of patriot accounts, these people swarmed to Parler. When Parler was seized by the cabal, they all went to Telegram. And guess what: there are dozens of incredible groups on Telegram, with millions of users, who are exposing evil and wickedness of the government and cabal more than ever before.

 Never in the history of humanity was there such a bright light as today. Groups dedicated to exposing the elite pedophilia, covid corruption, government tyranny, etc.

Recently I read the PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION. A very dark series of statements by the satanists who are behind all this evil in the world. One of their statements shows what they fear most of all:

 Individual initiative with genius behind it.

 They are terrified of people like you and me, who are using our God given ‘super powers’ of creativity and intellect to expose evil and reveal truth.

 Guess what... that exact thing has been happening like never before, in all of history! The documentary PLANDEMIC was a typical ‘individual initiative with genius behind it’. It was viewed almost a billion times! MAJOR BLOW TO THE STRONGHOLD OF DECEPTION!

And that’s one example... There are countless similar projects, in every language, all over the world.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion also mention how their goal is to disconnect humanity from God, by making mankind materialistic. Again... what is happening? I hear this from people all over the world. Like this smart tech director from South Africa, or the creative author from Austria, or the ex military farmer from the USA, or the pastor from Holland... they all see the same thing:  all over the world people are massively turning back to God. No, not to religion, to God, the source of love, truth and freedom.

 So many wonderful things are happening right now. If only... we look in the right direction.

 Of course there is a lot of bad stuff. Things may get very dark and messy for a while, in certain areas of the world. People are dying and suffering. But let’s be honest: that has always been the case.

Nobody knows the number of vaccine deaths every year, year after year,...

 Now this horror is finally being revealed to more people than ever. And the awakening has only just started! The more evil they will throw at the world, the more people will wake up.The more the satanic practices of the elite will be exposed, the more mankind will understand we truly need the source of love, light and truth to protect and help us. Massive spiritual awakening!

 I believe we are at the beginning of a historic turning point in the existence of humanity and the world.One of the significant things is that people are learning that 

WE ALL HAVE TO BE INVOLVED WITH POLITICS, EDUCATION, BUSINESS, HEALTH CARE, etc. For centuries the people have been dependent on the ‘Big Guys’. This made us lazy, indifferent and therefor easy to submit to slavery. Now I see a worldwide movement happening where the people stand up, take action and begin to reform the world. In America I see several patriot organizations being formed where citizens are educating themselves about the constitution and start attacking the corrupt judges and governors.  Again: all this is just starting.

 Besides that there is a worldwide explosion of brand new grassroots media, that are slowly beginning to replace the old mega-media, that has manipulated humanity for so long. Thousands of new websites, radio shows, TV programs are being born as I speak. They are not owned by the cabal, but they broadcast truth and freedom to the world. They cannot be silenced because there’s too many of them!  The world is waking up.

 So have hope. Have courage. Have faith. Stay alive and share love.

 All the evil that is in full swing now, is being turned around by the One who is greater than all. As the Scriptures say: He became famous by defeating his enemies with their own weapons.

The pit they dig for the world, is their own grave. For real!

Keep sharing truth. Keep awakening others. Keep supporting the frontline warriors. Keep praying. Keep speaking words of life and freedom and hope. Keep opposing tyranny. Keep exposing evil.

 We win. It’s destined. Darkness is being cast out. Even though it may get messy and nasty for a while, the light is greater than the darkness.

Read this message again and understand how all these encouragements are only the tiniest tip of an enormous iceberg of tremendously good things happening worldwide. Be brave! Much love from the frontlines,

David SorenseStopWorldControl.com




ARIES [March 21 - 20 April]

Retrograde activity increases even further this month and so all the five outer planets are moving backwards after the 20th August.  So to  help the Aries people, the lessons these days, during August are patience and even some more patience!   It is necessary, seriously, to slow down and do everything as perfectly as you can.  This won’t stop some delays taking place, however will minimise them.  As with so many planets holding you back there are no quick solutions and your body probably needs you to find ways to exercise at a reasonable pace,  and find your best meditation technique.   

By changing your focus against starting new plans or heading off on new adventures, you will allow more joy into your life.   Therefore the most positive aspect of this month is to see that the last six months was the fact that “stress” was blocking you!   In medical terms Aries is the sign that often experiences the fight-and-flight syndrome.  It is necessary for the benefit of your heart rate to find rest periods this month where you can write down some new ideas and think about new approaches.

21 April - 21 May


As mentioned above, planetary retrograde activity increases this month by another planet, Uranus,  totalling five in all.  This slows you down by all planets stepping slowly backwards.  This means that your objectives take more time to achieve.  Even though this is frustrating it has its uses.  Why?  Because we are forced to slow down, take stock and review our goals to see where improvements can be made.  Often these short periods in one whole year are a time to attaining mental clarity in many areas of your life.   

Most of the planetary energy is heading towards your fourth sector of Home and Family.  This will  mean you need to balance a successful career with the happy and harmonious domestic life.  If you can achieve that, in this world now of temporary lock-downs, you will shine in the months to come.    It is the time for you to undergo sound, formal, health therapy sessions.  Old memories and perhaps old traumas usually resurface now, needing to be cleared. 


22 May - 22 June


The planet Saturn is still retrograde together with the other big guns, such as Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto!  Now when we get to Friday 20th August, Uranus will also turn retrograde.  So we have a clear message from the Cosmos that you are to focus on your  home and family and let your career issues lay low for a while.   They need time to resolve themselves!  Once the planets give you more facts you will be in a position to make good career decisions when October sees Planets moving forward again.  

 The planet Mercury, which is the ruler of your horoscope reaches its maximum latitude in the Heavens and then changes direction.  So what will happen for you is that there is a pause in your affairs from the 28th to the 31st of August and it is a pause that refreshes!   Meaning it is nothing to be alarmed about.   So now for the next few months your lesson is just encapsulated in just one word – “Patience” and just being perfect in all that you do.   It is wise to make sure you get enough rest, and if you must travel, then  allow more time to get to and from your destination.  

23 June - 22 July


As the Moon rules your sign you have a New Moon heading your way on August 8th.  It is favoured by both Jupiter and Saturn, which means it is time for you to revise your career goals. The planet Uranus is going to give you mixed messages and stir up your goals as you may have become stubborn and refuse to see that there is a whole new world coming your way!  This means you have to approach your life differently and the other two planets Mars and Venus, both being in the sign of Virgo, will have your brain in full gear ready for major financial choices from Thursday 12th August.   

.   You may need to seek good legal advice from someone in the know, from Tuesday 17th August with lovable Venus moves into the legal sign of Libra.  This means you will be put onto the scales of justice, and weighed to see if you deserve to better your life in the next few months.  Your health is still good this month but it is best to arrange for medical tests to see how your body is performing.  With over fifty percent of the planets in retrograde motion life must slow down.  Patience and understanding needed.

23 July- 22 August

LEO (July 23 – 22 August )

It would be a helpful suggestion for you to note that on Monday 8th August there is the New Moon in your sign.  At every New Moon it is always wise to make some wishes.  We suggest that you ask the Universe to help you take any opportunity you may have for self expression and making a good impression on others.  If permitted,  it is the best time for you to attend performances and for those wanting romances, it is very helpful for you to wish for that as well.   

Speaking of this Venus Mars conjunction in astrology, we may infuse new energy into our lives and begin living happily again. Now is an excellent time for professional development, and unexpected events are to be expected. Lost passion will return, and life will be at its finest once more. Artists will have a great time.

Generally speaking,  life slows down under the energy of Saturn retrograde, however, finances do not seem to be affected.  In a nutshell the whole month requires patience and performing your tasks perfectly.  Mercury plays an important role as it pauses in Heaven,  yes ,  a pause which refreshes!

23 August - 23 September

VIRGO (23 August – 22 September)

The best part of this month, for a Virgo, will be on the 10th and 11th when the Moon slides into your sign, just after the energy of the New Moon on the Sunday 8th.  It would be wise for you to make some wishes so that the rest of the month you can ask the Universe to help you complete jobs that call for precision and attention to detail.  For instance, book keeping, cleaning and health treatments will be your top priority.   

The planet Venus, which helps your finances, is having a pause in the Heavens as it reaches its furthest point in Latitude, and then changes direction.  This possibly means your financial affairs have a pause, and then a change of direction.  As Venus does this twice a year this will be a pause that refreshes you!  Strangely enough, the planet Mercury, which helps your career follows suit, from the 28th to the 30th of the month.  Both pausing,  signals a change of direction in your career and personal life.  Basically, it is a good thing.  

24 September - 23 October

LIBRA [23 September - 22 October]

The best part of your month will be from the 12th to the 14th when the Moon activates you to hold special meetings, and resolve conflicts.  This is a time to beautify your surroundings.  Consider your personal appearance and attend to such matters of adornments, shoes, clothing and health treatments.  Your best socialising periods will be the 16th to the 18th and the 25th to 27th.  The planet Venus enters your sign on Tuesday 17th and leaves that sign for entry into Scorpio on Saturday 11th September.  So for nearly four weeks Venus would like you to cooperate with others in your financial affairs.  

You deal with unusual people, as both Saturn and Jupiter are in the signs of Aquarius, both assisting you to consolidate with any new groups or associations that are beneficial to you.  You have strong emotional feelings over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of the month, and you only have to be careful of putting your foot in your mouth by blurting out some one’s private affairs!  Basically the month ahead is happy and healthy for you.  Often this time can correct a wrong diagnosis. 

24 October - 22 November

SCORPIO [23 October - 22 November]

You should find the best times for planning your business affairs will be on the 14th and 15th August.  This is when the Moon will be in your sign and in the build up to the Full Moon on the 22nd.   Your main financial planet, Jupiter, has now moved back into your sector of home and family, and will remain there until the end of December. 

For many Scorpio’s you may find that money will be earned from home or on the on-line world.   This position also favours anything you do with real estate or companies that cater to the home owner.  

23 November - 21 December

SAGITTARIUS  (23 November – 21 December)

You should find the best couple of days this month will be on the 16th to the 18th of August.  This is when the Moon will travel through the sign of Sagittarius and put you into an adventurous mood!   It would do you no harm to find time to widen your horizons, contact people, places and ideas outside of your everyday pattern.  

Subject to any unfavourable weather conations it would be perfect to get outdoors and breathe some clean air without restrictions.   In normal times the planets Jupiter and Saturn would have helped you, but under their retrograde positions for the next couple of months the key word will be “patience”.   

22 December - 20 January

CAPRICORN [23 December - 19 January].

The best days of the month will be on the 19th and the 20th of August.  This is when the Moon will be in your sign and makes for a new business sound appraisal.  They will be the best days to take care of any legal or government obligations.  Proceed with any career interests at this time and attend to the needs of any parents. 

Your ruling planet, Saturn, governs the sign of Capricorn and is in retrograde for the next few months, until mid October.  When several planets are retrograde things usually slow down in the world and in your life too.  

21 January - 19 February

AQUARIUS [20 January - 19 February]    

The Cosmic slowdown increases this month.  Half the planets are retrograde and so your lesson is to still be patient especially in financial and personal matters.  Because the planet Uranus, being the ruler of your horoscope, goes retrograde on the 20th and will be retrograde for the rest of the year.   That is  not a bad thing as you will be more inclined to be in a social period to hone your skills in self confidence and self esteem. 

Uranus, being in the sign of Taurus now, means that others will bring benefits to you in some way, perhaps as a gift or perhaps as important investment advice. 

20 February - 20 March

PISCES [20     February - 20 March]

As over half the planets are in retrograde motion it means that time will stand still, and your health romance and career are all under review.   The New Moon on the 8th of August heralds you to review your blood pressure and general well being on the 10th and 11th August.  The best results for all this should come through on the 22nd to 24th August and you will be in contemplative mood.  

Generally speaking with planets in retrograde motion it is a good time to go over your financial affairs.   You will also feel in a helpful and charitable way to assist the less fortunate


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